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Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in Blog, For Mothers | 0 comments

Being a Mother of a Child with a Chronic Disease

Supporting Mothers

Supporting Mothers

Being a Mother of a child with a chronic disease is stressful. While I am primarily setting this blog site up to help the dads deal with the stresses of a child with a chronic illness, I certainly do not mean to diminish the intensity of stress on moms. I have been dealing with my child having had cancer 6 times over the last 35 years and I can assure you, the moms, that no one ever asked me how I was doing. Thus the emphasis on dads. It is my goal to have an effect on all of our families by focusing on creating an on line, on going conversation “only” anonymously. My effort takes into account that  it has been drilled into us over a long period of time that dads are tough, they don’t talk, they don’t ask for help. To do so is viewed as weakness.  I am hoping for your support as wife and partner to help the conversation get started. By giving a voice to that which has been stuffed will have a direct effect on our families. Dads need a place to dump their frustrations and get validation that they are not crazy or alone and there are many of us looking to help.

The reason I am starting a moms blog as well is to keep the family focused on each other and to create a community that helps each other. I am also starting a blog for the kids.

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