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Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in For Children | 0 comments

Brothers and Sisters of Chronically Ill Children

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For Brothers and Sisters

To the brothers and sisters of chronically ill children, this blog is not just for the sick child in the family but for you, the brothers and sisters, that are affected by the disease as well. You are important as well. I have been dealing with a sick daughter for 35 years so I have a boat load of experience and am offering  a perspective about this . I have found that it sometimes seems that the “sick” kid gets all the attention and everything revolves around that person. You are probably feeling left out and angry.  While you try to understand, it’s hard, you need mom and dad and they are angry or upset a lot of the time and are completely stressed out.  It’s a parent thing. You are not at fault. This is a time when they need your help to keep going to the hospital and dealing with all the bad news.

The reason I am starting a kid blog is to give you a place to express yourself. If you are angry or scared you can write in this blog and connect with other kids who are in the same boat and perhaps you can help each other through the problem .  ALWAYS REMEMBER, NEVER GIVE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS OR PHONE  NUMBER OR THE SCHOOL YOU GO TO OR ANYTHING ELSE TO ANYONE. SET UP AN ON LINE FAKE NAME AND JUST USE THAT. I REQUIRE YOUR MOM OR DADS PERMISSION TO GET INVOLVED. IT IS TO KEEP YOU SAFE.

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